Meanetik is an electronic music producer from the charming city of Darmstadt, Germany. His music is a distinctive blend of lofi house and deep house with dub and tech elements. His music reflects his deep affection for city life in all its facets.He found his creative outlet in electronic music, which was lacking for a long time and since the start of his musical journey in 2021 has enriched his life enormously.His musical inspirations range far from LoFi House over Melodic House to Dub Techno. However, his taste in music extends far beyond electronic music and even has its roots in metalcore and hardcore in his early youth.As an empathetic and rather introverted person, in a society that is becoming increasingly loud and self-centred and binds people into opposing groups rather than co-existing peacefully, it is very important to him to treat other people with mutual respect and understanding.